About Me

Hello, I am an interactive Web UI designer, front-end development guru and WordPress Developer

Welcome to my online portfolio. I have been working for the past EIGHT years in Web Design UI design/development. As a passionate Web 2.0 Designer and Front-End Developer seasoned in working in the fast-paced, ever-changing web environment, I have learned to produce both usable and aesthetically pleasing designs, specializing in XHTML/HTML4/HTML5 and CSS 2.1/CSS 3.0 structures.


I’m always looking to improve my design & development skills. I often find myself concepting and designing layouts so that I have the opportunity to experiment with it in development. I love the dynamic landscape of the web, and am always captivated with the immensely creative ways in which designers and developers are shaping it.

I design beautiful interfaces for mobile and web applications, pixel-perfect designs and well thought out websites and I love to play with html and css.

As a Web UI Designer from Nepal, I want to secure a challenging and rewarding position where I can expand my knowledge and utilize my strengths in / with a dynamic and creative team.