If you are having a problem in Select, option for the Unicode fonts in Chrome browser, I have a solution for you today.

Usually, the Nepali & Hindi fonts does have the character that needs line-height or padding. For example: सुदर्शन, Put that word in your html page as:

Now, browse the page in both Firefox and Google Chrome, you will see the difference. Did you find the difference ?

problem-in-chrome with Unicode

You can try padding, line-height via the css file but it will work only in Firefox. So, What should be done to make the font readable in Chrome then ?

Got Tired ?

Here is the simple solution for you people. See the below html and css lines:

Add the following CSS line:

 select.idea {font size: 12px; line-height:18px; font-family:mangal;  }

Thats it. See the image below for the change.

Thank you Sudarshan Singh, PHP Developer for the problem and the solution. You Rock.